Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Boss is coming; be cool!

Back at the Star we'd tell each other to shut up and "Be cool; be cool!" when we spotted an editor coming our way. (We also once speculated on the viability of an inter-office raid.)

Now that I'm my own boss, I have to figure out new ways to have fun around the office, so I've been generally bossing myself around — which often leads me to dawdle and steal supplies from work just to spite me. I've also realized the comedic potential of personal-info headlines. Case in point: "Local self-employed man spends most of day bossing self around to keep up appearances."

Here's another wonderful mental image: While at home, I've also been shouting, "Let the great experiment begin!" all day. Of course, most people somehow delude themselves into thinking this might help them be productive, but...but it might work for me.

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