Tuesday, August 10, 2010

AP Part Two

Shortly after I got the call from the AP, I found out they had picked up another story over the Fourth of July weekend. It turns out they don't call every time they decide to run a story. In fact, if your paper subscribes to the Associated Press, it can run anything the AP selects and vice versa. It's all very ho-hum, but for a young writer, it's a rush.

CRAWFORD, MISS.—Jerry Hairston Sr. stood in an empty field in southern Lowndes County on Monday.

As he stepped into the grass, he lifted his hands to grasp an imaginary bat and took a swing at a baseball only he could see.

With his imposing athletic build, the 58-year-old man knocked the invisible ball out of the park. He watched it sail over the imaginary fences.

He was back at his roots, back where his father's story began and where it will continue.

Jerry Hairston's father, Sam Hairston, was born in Crawford in a small house on Plum Grove Road, a meandering one-and-a-half-lane street that winds its way through county fields. He came up through the Lowndes school system, and he loved baseball. (Read more at the Commercial Dispatch.)

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