Monday, February 15, 2010

Schoolhouse Rock!

Most mnemonic devices, although catchy and memorable, are annoying jingles that don't seem to have that much thought put into their melodies – like a lot of Christian music, oddly enough. There's one great learning program, though, that sticks out. Schoolhouse Rock was wonderful, not just because it had an incredible series on grammar, but because a lot of time, effort and talent went into the program. Even if you don't like the "genre," the music is well done, and the stories are compelling. Have a look:

Rufus Xavier Sasparilla

Unpack Your Adjectives

Mr. Morton

And even though original episodes stopped airing a couple of years before I was born, it inspires an interesting sort of nostalgia for two decades I never fully experienced.


Anonymous said...

And the most watched Schoolhouse Rock song of all time:

This one is fun too:

Punto Dewo said...

cool videos,..^_^ nice shot.

Distorteddogma said...

My wife, who grew up when "School house rock" was at it's peak, can still sing most all the tunes. Including the preamble to the constitution. Amazing.

But what do I know? I'm just a bill...

Be Well.