Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Metal & Glass

(Oct. 11, 2009) An empty wine glass shatters. Conceptually, this photo could be used as the advertising foundation for a number of different products, from glassware to wine or fine liquor. It’s simple, and it’s classic. Example: "Absolut Vodka. We blow the competition out of the water."

I’m a big proponent of simplicity, and I think that idea worked with this picture. I can see how some colored liquid inside the glass as it shattered might have been a nice addition, but my technical skills prohibited me from nabbing a non-simulated picture of the glass actually breaking. I shot at f/16 and 1/250s with an ISO of 100. I had a 200mm lens on the camera, which after the 1.6x crop made it closer to 360 and compressed the image nicely. I like the way the reflection of the stem looks like it’s bending. I just realized, after printing my critique, that my white balance was set to Auto. Womp, womp.

A giant thanks to my partner, August Kryger, for all his help. Check out his half of the assignment, metal.


Brenden said...

so how did you shatter it?

Seth Putnam said...

We broke the glass in a bag with a hammer, and then August dropped the shards from above.

Emily Moberly said...