Thursday, October 1, 2009

Maggie Steber for National Geographic

Now I can cross being photographed by National Geographic off my list. Maggie Steber took pictures of me early this morning while I was sleep-guarding the equipment room at MPW. She's working on a project for National Geographic about sleep, so that was fun. Maybe I'll make it in the magazine. Heh. Thursday's already off to a great start.

Maggie and her editing partner, John Isaac, are heading Team B at MPW, and I actually got the chance to interview them for a little blurb in Wednesday's Rangefinder. Seriously, I've never met a nicer pair of journalists. They care so much about the success of the students under their tutelage, and they believe so genuinely in the mission of the workshop. John especially exudes passion about photojournalism; he quoted "The Little Prince" (“The essentials in life are not visible to the eye; only with the heart one can see clearly"). Then he gave me his card and told me to look him up if I'm ever in New York (which might actually be during Spring Break – NYC '010!)

But they're firm, too – not afraid to bust their students' chops if they're not performing at their potential. I guess that's why they're such good editors.

Wednesday's Rangefinder is now available.

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