Thursday, September 17, 2009

Light use in a portrait

Assignment: Pick a portrait that uses light to effectively convey the photographer's message. Post it to your blog.

This photo won an award of excellence at the 65th Pictures of the Year International contest. It is used for educational purposes.

Alex Boerner Scripps Treasure Coast Newspaper
"CENTENARIAN" 101-year-old Marian Wardell-Qualey sits up in the hospital bed inside of her home in Hobe Sound, FL. An artist and former art teacher, Wardell-Qualey now suffers from many ailments, including macular degeneration, which, combined with her otherwise deteriorating state of health, has forced her to give up painting the portraits of flowers and nudes that hang on her own walls.


Poppy said...

May I nominate a classic?

Seth Putnam said...

They're so mysterious with that side lighting.