Sunday, July 5, 2009

American abroad

Yesterday was my third Independence Day spent outside the United States (and my fourth spent rather unconventionally), and I have to say that being abroad really makes you appreciate home. This year, I celebrated with American military marches, free hot dogs, free beer, and a bar-full of fellow countrymen.

A short list of things I love about America this year:

  • Fast cars and freedom
  • Free water and refills in restaurants
  • The U.S. Field Artillery March (as it did in France, this came in especially handy for celebrating)
  • Kitsch American-flag attire
  • Fantastic television (can anyone say Mad Men and Band of Brothers? The list goes on.)
  • Poop-free sidewalks
  • Shouting, "The Yanks are coming! The Yanks are coming!"

Seriously, though, freedom is precious. The freedom to think, say and act according to your beliefs is the greatest success of the American experiment. Sure, it's not perfect, and we certainly make plenty of mistakes, but America is a great country. Happy birthday, baby.

Also, I thought this was an interesting blog by Nicholas Kristof.

And to all my fellow Americans who also are abroad, this is my gift to you:


Poppy said...

Isn't this your third 4th of July abroad, at least? Are you forgetting our Apurimac River reinactment of the uprising against George III? Also, hiking across the border into Canada(although that may have been on the 5th)?

Seth Putnam said...

Doh! Completely forgot that we were in Perú on the 4th. But, yes, I remember now.

Milliputt: What is Steve doing over there on the shore (with both hands in front of him, facing away from us)??