Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Newspaper dumping

I found out via the Romenesko blog that two MIT police officers were suspended for dumping several hundred newspapers that contained this story.

"Newspaper theft is the closest one can get to censorship without actually barring publication, so we take it pretty seriously," Michael McGraw-Herdeg, executive editor of MIT's The Tech, told the Boston Globe.

This may only be of interest to my JBU readers that have some experience with the Threefold Advocate, but I kind of perked up when I read about it, because this is something that the Advocate staff dealt with in previous years.

When I was an editor there, I was extremely impressed with the amount of freedom we students had when it came to the newspaper. President Pollard and Dr. Ostrander both exhibited especially high commitments to freedom of speech even when critical or unflattering articles were published.

However, I know that there had been some earlier incidents with staff members hiding or ditching certain issues that dealt with tough topics (like sex, drugs and alcohol) that coincided with Parents' Weekend. Thought this latest story was an interesting reminder of past grievances.

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