Monday, February 9, 2009

The onomatopoeia might have been, "Fwa-bwom!"

I almost had a life-long dream fulfilled today.

As I was pedaling down Ninth Street to class this morning, a man suddenly opened the door of his parked car in front of me. I've always wanted to see a bicyclist get bushwhacked by a car door. Of course, I'd prefer to be a witness instead of a victim, but if that's how it had to happen I would sacrifice myself.

Unfortunately, I dodged. I clearly wasn't thinking about the potential.

UPDATE: Ok, after looking into a bit, I found that there's actually a fairly lengthy list of people who have been killed as a result of "dooring." So it's one of those things that sounds funny but really isn't.


Emily Moberly said...

hahaha...i wish i was there to see it! here's a little bike story of my own: Last night i was walking home from the bus station and a guy on a bus rounded the corner. He looked up, saw me and then crashed! I'm gonna take that as a compliment... kind of like stopping traffic. (and sorry this isn't in spanish -- my head isn't working fast enough today).

Emily Moberly said...

when i say the guy was on a bus, i meant to say he was on a BIKE. hahah... told you my brain's not working! how do you spell unique?

Jarred D. said...

I was once walking down 9th street on a beautiful day. There was a girl riding her vintage 1970s road bike down the street while trying to balance her bag and drink. She plowed into the rear of a parked truck. She quickly gathered herself and confirmed with concerned on lookers that she was alright. As quick as it happened she was on her way again. After realizing she wasn't injured I laughed to myself about what I had just witnessed.

Glen! said...

happened to my sister in boulder... she ended up in the hospital for a while.