Saturday, February 14, 2009

On holiday

Holidays are rather nice. I know some people that make a case against certain holidays like Christmas or Valentine's Day by saying, "Well, it should be like that all year 'round."

Sure it should. We should absolutely treat people lovingly each day. But having special days is fun. They're opportunities for anticipation. They're noteworthy. And even though we should behave or act the same way always, it's nice to have the extra reminder--whether it's in honor of patriotism, giving, remembering or love.

Plus saying that you're "going on holiday" is a great opportunity sound British. Here's a photo for this special day.

And with that, I'm going on holiday.


Anonymous said...

For the longest time, it took me awhile to realize who that was.
Finally, I came to my senses & realize it was the wretched Miss Hastings.

Anonymous said...

i dig the pic.

Anonymous said...

The picture is hysterical. I love the look on both mom and dad's faces and the way you captured it with them being out of focus in the background. Classic! -a