Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I was standing at the register, looking out at the floor at work, when I saw a customer hit the floor.

I had talked to her earlier, and it was obvious that she was feeling under the weather. She later told me that it was the flu, and she hadn't been eating much or drinking fluids.

So, back to the scene. She took one huge step and then plummeted face-first toward the floor, tagging her chin on the metal back of a chair on the way down. Smack.

One of the customers, a guy named Justin Herman, jumped up and ran over to her, and suddenly there were people all around and we were calling 911. Within a few minutes the fire department was there, and paramedics were attending to her.

Even though it was a relatively minor event, it was still exciting to see a quick response. You hear all the stories of social experiments in places like New York where someone is in distress but people do nothing.

I wanted to turn it into a story, but we couldn't find a broader angle to warrant it. Here's a picture of Justin, the quick responder:


Joshua said...

Is it a little sad that I'm getting emotional about this. I get emotional about everything these days. Nice to hear some quality humans still exist.

Jordan Marcum said...

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