Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another work story

When I asked him his name for the drink ticket, he said it was "Orion."

"Like the constellation?"
"I bet there's an interesting story behind that."

His parents were at a concert, got high on acid, and then conceived. He said God told his mom to name him Orion.


Jasmine said...

You meet the most interesting people!

Marta said...

a guy named that went to my high school. he was in 7th grade and i was in 11th. our love was brief, but pure.

was he huge and blonde? it might be the same guy.

Emily Moberly said...

i hope my kids don't tell similar stories to their baristas.

y me gusta cuando tu escribes en espanol!

Israel said...

Wait, you can get pregnant just by dropping acid? Why didn't someone tell me this before? That changes everything!