Thursday, August 28, 2008

On bringing it back

The other day, I was pedaling to class when I encountered a "bro" wearing a flat-billed, fitted hat--you know, the kind with the sticker still on it--and I was overcome by a sudden urge to flick his it off as I rode by.

Then it hit me: What if we had the grade-school institution of "bully" in college? I won't continue exhaustively with this train of thought, but I was amused by the possibilities. I've always wanted to be in a fight, and that would be the perfect opportunity.

Other things I'd like to see brought back:

High fives.

Overalls--my main attire in fifth and sixth grade.


Also, the elevator rule. One of my few complaints about state school is that it seems that giant herds of people have no concept of how to move around. They come into class before people get a chance to exit, and they walk mindlessly in the middle of the road. /End rant.

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