Sunday, August 31, 2008

Couch Challenge '08: Two-hour update

I'm two hours in.

There are certain contingencies that you have to plan for when attempting a feat like this. What happens when you have to eat? When you get bored? When you have to go to the bathroom?

With that in mind, I did do some planning ahead, but I'm interested to find out what unforeseen difficulties arise. Here's the basic list of essentials that I brought with me to the couch:

Sheet and sleeping bag.
An assortment of magazines and books.
Juice, cereal, wheat thins, chips and salsa.
A plastic bottle for obvious reasons. Go big or go home.

The major item I lack, however, is a remote. Unfortunately, this the most important element for this challenge. Without a remote, how am I going to switch from DVD to television to video game? Hopefully, I can get someone change it for me, but if all else fails I did bring a cane to try and reach T.V.

Here are a few other interesting 24-hour challenge possibilities:
  • In Wal-Mart
  • On the toilet
  • Without sitting down
  • Without opening your eyes
  • Without talking
  • Naked
Entourage just ended, and I think I might have to pee.

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Me said...

i thought life would be more exciting up

im excited to hear if you make it :)