Monday, July 28, 2008

En garde!

Fencing. What a sport!

I was digging through the attic before moving, and I came across a fencing foil that my brother
purchased at a garage sale some years ago. As usual, this piece of equipment found itself in my hands long after he had finished with it.

I found it, antique and rusty, with a worn inscription on its thin, bendy blade
that read, "Toledo." The most adventurous of swashbuckling tales (for instance, The Walking Drum by Louis L'amour) claim that only the best blades are made of Toledo steel, and I felt an excited thrill.

What would this foil say if it could speak? What harrowing tales would it tell? What knowledge would it impart? Was it wielded by a clumsy, novice fencer, or did a seasoned veteran harness its power? What were its greatest successes and worst failures? What would it say about the in-between times--the times in spent rusting in the attic, as it had in mine? After we have parted ways, how will its story continue?

Come to find out, there's a fencing club nearby, so as intrigued as I am about the possibilities, I've decided to check it out. It seems like a pretty classy hobby and a great way to become and stay fit. Tune in to the fencing competition of the upcoming Summer Olympics in Beijing.

(CREDIT--This fencing-inspired fashion shoot was captured by Rasmus Mogensen.)

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Zachbot3000 said...

Fencing sucks. It has taken something awesome... sword fighting... and taken the danger away. I am not saying people need to die, but a few flesh wounds never hurt anyone... except the guy who got the flesh wounds.