Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Eating money

I walked into Kaldi's Coffee and ordered a strawberry smoothie (a "sissy drink" in the words of Jeff). I handed the barista my credit card and took the drink back to my table. Then it dawned on me that I had dropped $4.70 on a 12-ounce cup of liquid.

Maybe I should have just taken a fiver out of my wallet, inserted it into my mouth and swallowed.

When did it become normal to spend $5 on a drink without so much as a thought? How many better ways could I have spent my money? (Obviously, I was paying for the hip coffee shop experience with the rad vibes, but still, my brain wasn't firing on all cylinders).

But will I change? Maybe slightly. But if I do, it will be to spend less instead of taking that money and putting it toward more important uses. Just being honest.

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marley said...

p.s. you just said "fiver."

not sure if that's ok...