Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The dynamics of a hurried life

One thing about college: I don't suppose I've ever really felt quite at home here. I'm not so sure this has as much to do with the particular school as it does with just the process of early college life coupled with a hectic subject of study.

The dorm has a motel feel. The cafeteria is like the small-town diner you stop off at early in the morning before you get on the road again.

Life here is rushed, hasty. I sleep in a bed that I hardly know; I am transient. Just about the only place I feel I truly know is the newspaper office.

No time to think, no time to breathe.

My life consists of two disproportionate days: the week and the weekend. My week begins in earnest on Tuesday, which fades into Wednesday without fanfare. Wednesday is my day off. Then I start again on Thursday and work through until Friday afternoon. Then it's time to relax on Friday night and Saturday during the day. Sunday, I usually awake late with great plans to get stuff done. Those rarely come to fruition. Then Monday is my day to half-ass things.

Is this healthy, really? Probably not, but I'm stuck in it until I can figure out a way to be more effective.

Rising and falling on the waves of college life, all the while trying to hold the dumbbell of school in one hand and the barbell of the newspaper in the other. The newspaper is usually heavier, so it takes more concentration to keep it hoisted above my head. I try to continuously tread water to keep my head out, but I usually end up spluttering when the crests of the waves hit me in the mouth.

Maybe walking a lot is a good way to make things feel more like home.

Suddenly I am struck by a desire to wake up earlier, at the start of the day, when it's still cool and dawning outside. As if that will make me somehow magically more productive. Maybe I'm tired of being sleepy and waking up when the day feels already half wasted.

In any case, I'm certainly looking forward to having my own room, a living room and a kitchen.


Marley McAfee said...

seth putnam. where'd all your crazy san fran posts go? i loved those pictures. bring 'em back!

Marley McAfee said...

thanks :)