Saturday, March 8, 2008

Why I do what I do

I just read something on a blog that nicely explains why I do what I do. About the best you can hope for as a journalist is that what you write reaches people and makes them think. Usually, this kind of an impact is intangible and the journalist will never see the results.

This woman (whom I do not not know) posted on a blog I read in response to the author's comment that she had the book "A Clockwork Orange." She said:

"I hope you're reading Clockwork Orange. I just put the movie on my Netflix list to see what all the [University] hysteria is about, though I see myself siding with [the President] once all is viewed."

Now, I don't know if the person who posted this read my article, but I do know that the series of articles that were published contributed to the awareness on campus (or "hysteria" as she called it).

At a conference I attended recently, a writer told a story about a time he was riding on a subway and looked over to find that the man sitting next to him was reading a story he had written in the newspaper. When he reached the end of the page, the man turned to the jump and elbowed his friend to read the story and do the same.

And that's about the highest compliment you can be given.

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