Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Well that was crazy

So I just got hit by a car, which was nice.

The Setup:

I was in a hurry, riding my bicycle through the parking lot of the women's dorm on my way back to my own. Ironically, I had just been thinking that it would be kind of funny if I got struck by a vehicle.

So I reach the end of a row and begin to cross the aisle, when out of my peripheral I see headlights fast approaching. I grab a handful of brakes, they stomp on their brakes, but their momentum is still great enough to t-bone me and send me off my bike.

I was so stunned that I completely disregarded any common sense of stopping to exchange information with the driver. She opened her door and gave an unconvincing, "I'm really sorry." I gave her the OK sign and assured her that "It was all good. Totally wasn't paying attention..my fault."

In a little shock, and convinced that there was little to no damage, I retrieved my bicycle from underneath her car and rode away.

Come to find out my front wheel was quite bent and my leg was a little bloody.

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