Thursday, February 14, 2008

'White suburbia'

And so the people-meeting experiment continues.

Yesterday, after a long night of deadline writing and editing copy and photos, I got out of my first class to go over to the local golf course to get some pictures for a last-minute story we ran about the comeback of the University golf team after a 35-year hiatus.

So, bright and early, after the firm encouragement of my editor, I got up off the office floor, hopped in the car and headed to the course.

Predictably, partly because of the cold and partly because of the time of day, the place was hardly bustling with golfing connoisseurs.

There were two fellows there: the clubhouse attendant and one of the regulars. They were sprawled out in two low-lying chairs, watching the baseball hearings for steroid usage drag on.

I walked in, introduced myself and told them why I was there. We chatted a bit, and then I walked outside for a minute to see if there were any picture opportunities.

Finding little, I walked back inside and kept talking with the guys, had a look around and made the big leap of taking photos during the conversation. It was awkward, but a good feeling.

Meet Brandon, the clubhouse worker from Farmington who is working on a business degree at the local community college. He transferred there from the nearby state school because he didn’t like the size of the core classes, but he hopes to go back to the bigger university for some of his upper level classes.

This is Bob. He runs the restaurant end of things and hopes that the club’s partnership with the University will increase the activity at the course. He also thinks that the MLB should skip steroid hearings and go straight to drug testing.

Too bad the photos are crap. I need to work on composition and editing.

Next: step away from white suburbia (if that’s what golf in this town is) and go find some compelling stories.

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