Thursday, February 7, 2008

The hypnotist

Well the ball got rolling quickly.

Tonight, I spent about half an hour talking to this guy about hypnotism. Before tonight, we had never spoken, but I had read in the paper last year that he practiced hypnotism, so I asked him how it was going.

Come to find out, the school administration has prohibited him from doing it on campus because they feel it is a skill that is too dangerous. Whether or not he is responsible with it or not, I don't know. I only talked to him for a brief amount of time, but he certainly sounds like he uses good judgment.

My first question about it unleashed a veritable spray of information--apparently hypnotism is what really gets him going.

He said that hypnotism gets a bad rap because of the way it is often portrayed, especially by conservatives. In reality, we are accidentally hypnotized several times a day whether it is in the form of daydreaming, road hypnotism, or something else.

The cool thing is that it related beautifully to the conundrum I expressed previously about motivation. He said that hypno-therapy is usually very successful and that it can help people free themselves of addictions like smoking. I asked if it could help people be motivated and not procrastinate, and apparently it can.

Talk about coming full circle in one day.

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