Saturday, January 5, 2008

Iowa Showdown: The man who wants to legalize marijuana


Out of all the candidates I heard this week, Ron Paul spent the most time actually discussing the specifics of his campaign platform. On Thursday afternoon, I sat in on a Q&A session he ran at Des Moines University. The meeting was pretty reminiscent of a college lecture.

Nothing particularly interesting happened; I got a couple of photos and took some notes on his platform.

  • Less government
  • Right to own firearms
  • Pro-Life
  • Foreign policy:
    • Open up trade and travel with Cuba
    • Immediate withdrawal of troops across the world
    • Iraq is an illegal, immoral war because there was no declaration of war, and we are there under false pretenses (oil)
    • Leave now to save lives and money
    • Solve problems there by investing and trading with the country
  • Healthcare: Privatize it
    • (His plan also includes legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes)
    • No forced vaccinations
    • Everything should be the people's choice
    • Hospitals should be run by churches and communitie
  • Taxes:
    • No income tax for the middle class

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